SAN FRANCISCO BUSINESS TIMES: These 10 big Bay Area tech employers did the most hiring in Q3

Excerpt from an article by Cromwell Schubarth featuring John Barrett, Partner, ON Partners.


November 15, 2018 | San Francisco Business Timesx

While tech hiring slowed in some parts of the country, Bay Area's big employers in the industry have kept bringing on more workers.

That's the finding of a Digital Jobs Index from On Partners, an Ohio-based executive search firm. The index shows that employment at Bay Area tech companies rose by 4.5 percent to an estimated 233,000 employees.

Big Bay Area tech employers including Apple Inc., Facebook, Alphabet Inc.'s Google, Adobe Systems, Twitter,, and Netflix all added thousands of employees to their payrolls last quarter.

“Tech hiring remains remarkably strong, though we’ve seen a few large companies trimming their head counts during the year,” John Barrett, a partner at On Partners, said in a statement. “Oracle, IBM, GE Digital, Oath, Akamai, Pandora and Kaspersky in particular have been reducing their number of employees.” 

Here are the 10 tech businesses that On Partners said did the most hiring between July and September and how many positions that involved. View slideshow

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