The Enterprisers Project: Soft Skills - 10 Ways To Hire For Them

A community of CIOs discussing the future of business and IT explores ten techniques to evaluate soft skills during an interview.

Excerpt from an article by Stephanie Overby featuring Seth Harris, Partner, ON Partners.



How important are soft skills to IT departments right now? More than three-quarters (78 percent) of HR leaders say they have become more focused on finding technology employees with strong soft skills, according to a survey conducted by technology consultancy West Monroe Partners. And more than two-thirds (67 percent) say that they have withheld a job offer to an otherwise qualified technology candidate solely because of that candidate’s lack of soft skills.

“Today’s high-level business initiatives are equal parts business and technology, that not only require a common language but also effective leadership from employees who haven’t always been asked to focus on their soft skills,” said Greg Layok, senior director and leader of West Monroe’s technology practice. 

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Today's Top Soft Skills

Communication skills – in particular, strong cross-functional communications capabilities – are a must in today’s increasingly agile operating environment, says Seth Harris, partner with executive search firm ON Partners. “IT professionals need to demonstrate communications agility – to be strong listeners and stay engaged.”

The ability to translate technology for the business and also reverse-engineer business demands into IT solutions is also key. “IT leaders must be able to translate broader corporate vision into an understandable road map and tactical plan for their teams and the company as a whole,” Harris says.

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