Boston Globe: Rents soar as health companies bloom

Excerpt from an article by  featuring John Barrett, Partner, ON Partners.

March 4, 2019 | The Boston Globe

To understand Boston’s shift from a tech-driven town to one focused on health care, all you need to do is look at last year’s tallies of venture capital investment in Massachusetts companies. According to a database compiled by PwC and CB Insights, $6 billion worth of new funding went into health care-related companies last year, and $3.7 billion poured into tech companies. Sounds healthy on both sides, until you look back at 2000 — the height of the Internet boom — when fast-growing tech companies attracted $6.6 billion, and their health care counterparts just $1.1 billion.

Over less than two decades, we’ve seen a big shift in where investors see opportunities. Biotech rules....

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