CMS Wire: Is It Time for Your Organization to Form an AI Ethics Committee?

From multi-cloud integrator to cryptocurrency engineer, these emerging and resurging IT roles may be your best path forward in the years to come.

Excerpt from an article by   featuring Brad Westveld, Partner, ON Partners.

May 1, 2019 |

Do you need to set up an artificial intelligence ethics committee if you are using this technology? Google certainly thought it did — until it changed its mind. Of course Google is one of the leaders in this space while most other companies on the spectrum are merely experimenting with AI or using a variation of it in a vendor product. Still, though, artificial technology is quite different from other technologies and software applications given its ability to think and reason like a human. It is not understated to say there are ethical considerations with its use — even with seemingly benign business operations. Indeed, Deloitte's second annual State of AI in the Enterprise survey found that 32% of executives ranked ethical issues as a top three risk of AI, but most don't yet have specific approaches in place to address this risk... 


“Ethics committees are only as good as the bite they have in them,” said Brad Westveld, co-founder and partner with executive search firm ON Partners.

And many in the industry believe that it simply isn’t necessary right now. “The industry barely has standards, there is not a clear or dominant leader in the space and its uses are endless,” said Westveld. “In the days of the wireless explosion, we had standards like WiMax, Zigbee and Bluetooth, and we needed to wait for one winner before the space could really get its hands around rules and regulations.”

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