Fierce CEO: Companies not walking the walk when it comes to diversity, study says

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Companies say they are making progress in diversity and inclusion (D&I), but a new study indicates otherwise.

When it comes to progress, 72% said “we have a strategy and are making progress” or “we’ve arrived,” according to the report by Allegis Group. Yet only 37% reported having diversity hiring goals, with just 31% saying fairness in compensation is a goal for their organization...

“It’s easy to talk the diversity talk, but most organizations unfortunately don’t go further than that,” said Brad Westveld, co-founder of executive search firm ON Partners. “You can’t donate your way to diversity. You need to build it into every facet of the hiring process.”

Awareness among the leadership team “is often the first critical step, ensuring top-down alignment on diversity initiatives,” Westveld said. “Encourage decision makers to look externally to other companies that have successfully built diverse teams as a benchmark. What are their best practices? How and where are they finding the best talent? And why are they winning here?”

Also, “Learn the barriers preventing your organization from finding diverse candidates for certain roles,” Westveld said. “Chances are, they’re artificial. For example, could someone who has managed a team of 250 be as effective as one who has managed 500? Could a multiregional manager with experience overseeing engineering teams in China and North America but not Europe be qualified to run a global, end-to-end team? You’ve drawn a line in the sand around certain criteria, but do you truly understand why those lines are there and if they’re needed?”