Fierce CEO: CEOs owe it to company to be technically savvy

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CEOs wear many hats, often at the same time, and prioritizing is something they should be adept at. With all the changes going on in technology, this is one hat they should hold tightly to, given it serves as the backbone to operations. Whether it be hardware or software, innovations that can improve companies are coming out constantly, and CEOs must stay abreast of them, either through a solid IT department or through their own research...

“A CEO’s “level of involvement will largely depend on the stage and industry of the company,” said Matthew Mooney, partner with ON Partners. “Across all industries, the CEO will likely be closely involved with the technology in the early stages. As the company scales and the CEO role takes on a more strategic focus, he or she will be further removed from the day to day aspects of technology. While the CEO of a technology company will never fully separate from the underlying technology decisions, bigger strategic, governance and market issues will likely occupy the bulk of their time.”

In the end, “How involved should CEOs be with the technology side of their business? The answer is just enough to ensure the company is not risking its future due to technical missteps,” Mooney said”