The 9 hottest jobs in IT

From multi-cloud integrator to cryptocurrency engineer, these emerging and resurging IT roles may be your best path forward in the years to come.

Excerpt from an article by Paul Heltzel featuring John Barrett, Partner, ON Partners.

May 6, 2019 |

Job candidates for the most in-demand IT positions are hard to find and, sometimes, hard for hiring managers and recruiters to describe, as new technologies appear and current ones evolve.

A report from CompTIA suggests the most sought-after jobs in IT are currently software positions, IT support specialists and systems engineers, in that order. Close behind and still showing strong growth are cybersecurity positions and roles based on emerging technology.

We reached out to recruiters, executives, and tech pros, asking them to weigh in on the best opportunities they see in the year ahead. If you’re burning out on your current gig, or feel that your role may be heading toward a dead end, consider some of these roles that offer security and steady growth for the foreseeable future...


Along with more predictable roles like chief security officer, John Barrett, a partner at executive search firm ON Partners, says there’s increased demand — and short supply — for robotics engineering and cryptocurrency engineering roles.

“CISOs have been in increasing demand for the past few years and have become more plentiful in the marketplace. However, these other new high-demand roles are very difficult to fill. For example, VPs of robotics engineering need to have knowledge of the development and production of automated equipment, [machine-to-machine], manufacturing operations and AI. And VPs of cryptocurrency need to have first-hand experience with know-your-customer and anti-money laundering regulations. The talent pools related to these two positions are still very small relative to the increasing demand,” he says.


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