ON Partners has focused practices around some of the most critical roles within the ‘C-suite’ including Board and CEO.


Corporate Governance

ON Partners offers a dedicated corporate governance and board consulting practice that operates at the highest levels of excellence. We provide board counsel and recruitment assistance to a broad spectrum of clients, from large and multi-faceted corporations to entrepreneurial, venture-backed organizations.

Our personal relationships with directors allow unmatched access to in-depth information on their careers, availability, interests and conflicts. We leverage that with an exclusive database containing access to thousands of leads, including detailed information on a broad and diverse range of highly qualified prospects.

We search out directors who can operate effectively in a group, provide synergy for the rest of the team, and align the broader interests of shareholders with the company’s direction and performance.


Chief Executive Officer

Companies and markets are ever-changing, placing enormous pressure on organizations to find and engage excellent leadership. ON Partners meets this challenge by searching out, developing, advising, and ultimately recruiting forward-thinking CEOs.

As a trusted partner committed to selecting the right leader for the right culture, we advise many of the world’s leading organizations on CEO search and succession planning.

Our CEO Practice is comprised of talented and accomplished consultants with cross-sector expertise across technology, consumer, healthcare and industrial sectors.

ON Partners’ consultants are well-versed in advising boards on the critically important and complex task of CEO assessment and selection. That's why we have designed perhaps the industry's most comprehensive recruitment process, one that is effective, efficient, and transparent.


Corporate Officers

ON Partners has extensive experience advising organizations around the world on recruiting high-performance leaders. We provide guidance to senior leadership and corporate boards throughout the recruitment process, from determining the initial requirements through finding future leaders committed to making your business prosper.

Our comprehensive knowledge of Presidents, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs, CHROs, and leadership 'ready' talent puts us in a position to effectively benchmark internal candidates against the 'best-in-class' external pool. Our work with corporate officers spans every functional area of an organization, and we are dedicated to focusing on enterprises within the markets we serve.

When it's time for change, companies look to ON Partners for counsel on transitioning to the next generation of leadership.